Convict from penal colony № 63 tells about tortures he used to participate in. Video

Активист 63-й колонии рассказал о пытках и сексуальном насилии, в которых принимал участие. Видео

«I’m ready for everything to destroy this existing system»-, says convict.

— I have a question if you can ensure my safety? Because while we are sitting up here, in the main office, there is «movement» in the colony. I have already been visited by representative from the section of discipline and order and asked what I was going to talk about with you,- says Sergey Leonov.

-We’ll do our best,- responds the deputy of Ivdel prosecutor — Aleksei Klimenko.

-Everything we can do.., — states the representative of Ombudsman in Sverdlovsk region — Sergey Sannikov.

-I hate this colony so much that I’m ready to be in fag zone but to destroy this system. Suchcolonieskilltheslightestchancetochange. I’m ready for consequences. I’m ready for «convicts-activist» coming over to deal with me. But I hope that Investigation Committee will pay attention to my story,-finishes Sergey Leonov.

As we informed before in penal colony № 63 inspection took place upon the facts of tortures and humiliations towards convicts.

Dmitry Antonenkov, member of Public Monitoring Committee in Sverdlovsk region.



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