Hunger strike is going on..


The third day of hunger strike is going on… Three drunk men thought that protesters were homeless and decided to make fun.  Men pulled out palm of mattress. It was funny for them. We had to explain them how wrong they are. These men fixed mattress by themselves, said sorry and left.

It was time for morning hygiene; in the Federal Service for Execution of punishment women are not allowed to use bathroom.

Hunger strike, problems, misunderstanding but anyway women should take care of themselves. Bravo, women. Manicure on the fresh air.


In the middle of the day emergency ambulance took Olga Dianova in moderately severe condition and put her into hospital ward. Larisa Zakharova was keeping protest alone, but not so long because her daughter came over, as well as friends and colleagues.


After publishing on the site: information about small accident in the morning, protesters were visited by policemen who offered some water and said that women will be under control of patrol.


Members of Public Monitoring Committee -Olga Dianova and Larisa Zakharova will be fine and safe.

In less than hour and a half Olga Dianova got back from hospital and kept a hunger strike.


In general the day was quiet, without accidents, passers-by came up to them and wondered about the reasons of a hunger strike. Many of them offered their signs as a support. Others suggested new ways to change system but protesters and their colleagues asked to pass by and not bother women.

We’d like to mention simple kindness of people who offer help. Today for about an hour a woman — neuropathologist was giving advice about hunger strike. She was telling what to do on hunger strike etc..

Meanwhile Chief of Sverdlovsk Federal Service for Execution of punishment — Sergey Khudorozhkov made his way to Tavda. It’s easier to leave than solve problems.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.



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