STATEMENT of Sverdlovsk human rights organizations


Human rights defenders of Sverdlovsk region support members of Public Monitoring Committee — Olga Dianova and Larisa Zakharov who have launched a hunger strike on 06.08.2014. They are protesting against torture system, violence and humiliation in correctional facility № 63 in Ivdel in Sverdlovsk region.

Correctional facility № 63 is considered to be «the Ural Oswiecim» among prisoners because of system of massive suppression and humiliation of people based on threats on homicide, sexual and physical abuse.

In June 2014 convicts serving sentences in the penal colony № 63, told members of Committee, prosecutors and representative of Ombudsman about arbitrariness in there.

Among those convicts there is Sergey Leonov — former «activist» in other words convict who works for colony administration and performs functions of wardens illegally, in particular he applies unlawful methods towards inmates: acts of sexual violence.

Confessions of Leonov are confirmed by confessions of other prisoners: Vladimir Komissarov, Andrey Korshunov and Pavel Neupokoyev as well as written statements of more than 10 convicts who had experienced tortures and violence.

Also confession of people from the S.A. Bobko’s case have proven the existence of torture system based on cooperation criminality with administration when wardens and administration as a whole give opportunity to different inmates to control colony. Hearing of cases has recently ended in Ivdel regional courthouse. Bobko, Vardanyan, Shabardin, Kirichek and others have given testimony upon this case.

Obviously Federal Service for Execution of punishment, Investigation bodies, Prosecutor offices, representatives of Ombudsman are not able to perform their duties well especially when they are supposed to find out the truth from prisoners who have stated about tortures, humiliation, sexual abuse. These convicts are to transfer from the place where crime happened to different facilities in order to get the truth.

Moreover, Investigation Bodies as a rule instruct jailers of the penal colony № 63 (who might be involved into these crimes) to question victims.

According to convicts, representatives of Federal Service for Execution of punishment as a part of the inspections go to the colony with intent to put a pressure on convicts to force them turn down their testimonies.

Due to these facts, demands of protesters are quite obvious:

1. To carry out independent investigation of all the facts of unlawful violence resulted in death of many inmates in the penal colony.

2. To ensure protection for all mentioned convicts by transferring them from the penal colony № 63 to safe place (for example: pretrial detention center -1) and conditions excluding physical and psychological pressure on them.

3. To take measures aimed at full execution in the penal colonies № 63, 47, 5, 54 and others the Order № 440 of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation from 31.12.2009 «On the termination of the Order № 79 of Ministry of Justice from 8.06.2005 — «On Provision about establishment of sections of discipline and order in correctional facilities». According to the most of convicts, jailers keep sections of discipline and order illegally.

Plenipotentiaries of human rights organizations in Sverdlovsk region:

Noncommercial Partnership «Assistance in the Legal Defense of the Population «LEGAL BASIS»

Transregional public organization «Transregional center of human rights»

Sverdlovsk department of the Russian public organization «Russian history-educational, charitable and human rights society «Memorial»

Sverdlovsk regional public organization «Sutyazhnik»

Sverdlovsk regional public organization «Women lawyer»

Public organization «the Ural association of refugees»



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