Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor office inspects Public Monitoring Committees again


Several human rights organizations of Sverdlovsk region have received a request to give all the information about general activity of organization with documents’ attachment and foreign grants.

This request also has received by noncommercial partnership «Assistance in the legal defense of the population «Legal Basis» run by Aleksei Sokolov.

This organization actively works in Sverdlovsk region in sphere of human rights in correctional facilities.


As Aleksei Sokolov says, -«Our organization had been already checked by regional prosecutor office, no violations found but warning stated which we had challenged». Sverdlovsk regional court has stated a warning to be unlawful.

We were waiting for prosecutor Sergey Okhlopkov to fulfill the court decision but never happened. Apparently, prosecutor of Sverdlovsk region didn’t want to do it and decided to find violations again through Kirovskaya prosecutor office. But we are not scared because we are meant to help Russian people protecting them from abuse of power of different authorities and all budget we spend according established plan.

On June 20th, 2014 ended up inspection of Ministry of Justice. Thus, it didn’t find any political elements as well as it was clear we spend money according the plan. In addition we want to mention that our work was appreciated by Federal authority and we won for the second time the President grant.»


Anna Pastukhova, Director of Transregional public organization «Memorial» in Yekaterinburg also has received this request and she is really surprised.

«We didn’t have time to breathe in when we’ve received new notice about inspection. We hope that even prosecutor officers realize that organization doing awareness-rising work in history of totalitarian repression in the Urals and seminars cannot be foreign agent because it works in the best interests of citizens.

Truth to be told results of our work have fallen down because every month we’ve been through various inspections (weird enough). Since 26/04/2013 till 23/04/2014 was going fight in courts after last inspection of Prosecutor office which tried to declare us to be foreign agent. Courts had supported our organization and handed down a decision which stated it to be illegal»,- says Pastukhova.


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