The penal colony № 2: death and sentenced jailer

ИК-2: трупы и судимый сотрудник колонии

Director of NGO «Legal Basis» Aleksei Sokolov got the response on his claim from the Federal Service for Execution of punishment about numerous death cases in the penal colony № 2 of Yekaterinburg and why in this colony works major in the internal services — A. V. Tkachenko who earlier had been held criminally liable for death of person.

Let’s remind that human rights defenders were shocked when they saw in the courthouse  jailer from the penal colony № 2 who in 2005-2006 was sentenced upon death of convict Sergey Loboda in the colony.

That time during the court hearings Alexander Tkachenko was lieutenant. Nowheismajor.

There decision was handed down to dismiss Alexander Tkachenko from correctional system bodies according to art.58 of Provision about service in Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As for the death rate in the penal colony № 2 there were listed three cases of death and upon one case the criminal case was initiated; two other were not.

Ответ по ИК-2 из ФСИН 001ответ по ИК-2 из Фсин, СТР.2 001

Official statistics of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment shows high death rate in this facility even if there is prison hospital.

Toward August there around 30 convicts died. For example in medical correctional facility № 51 49 died. In the penal colony № 2 with young convicts there are a lot of death and besides human rights defenders state that this colony to be torture chamber.

Numbers of dead convicts in the Federal Service for Execution of punishment during 2013-2014 are:

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Human rights defenders of the Urals


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