Another scandal in the Prison Directorate of General Khudorozhkov

Очередной скандал в тюремном ведомстве генерала Худорожкова

New scandal is brewing again in penitentiary system of Sverdlovsk region. There is new convict in the pretrial detention center-1 who has been transferred from the penal colony № 47. He stated that he had been raped by prisoners working illegally in «the section of discipline and order». Let’s remind you that these groups of convicts were dismissed due to Order of Ministry of Justice in 2010 but unfortunately tacitly they exist so far.

Today as a part of the project «Public service for penitentiary control in the Ural Federal Dustrict» this convict has been inspected by members of Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Committee and lawyer — Larisa Zakharova.

Convict A. has applied to the Investigative bodies through human rights defenders about unlawful actions of inmates carrying duties of «the section of discipline and order» in the penal colony № 47 of Kamensk-Uralsky.

As it became clear from convict’s statement, on August 10th, 2014 upon arrival at the colony he was met by jailers and «convicts-activists». They put physical and psychological pressure on him; they were beating him and humiliating. «Activists» demanded to tell them about other correctional facilities, inmates etc.

The next day on August 12th, 2014 convict A. was called up in the room with huge inmates who told him they were going to tape how he would clean toilets and fulfill any orders from them.

After convict A. refused to follow them, deputy of warden came up -D.V.Churikov and said if he keeps to «f*ck around» he will be raped.

On August 13th, 2014 after lockdown «activists» went into the cell, put him on the floor, tied him up and put their hands in his anus — he felt terrible pain and blood was running down. It went on for some hours, convict A. felt unconscious from time to time. «Activists» were making a video using cell phone.

Convict A. woke up when they poured him with water. The next day «activists» showed  up again and taped on the cell phones how he did what they ordered.

According to convict A. everything happening in the penal colony № 47 is allowed by administration especially deputy of warden -D.V. Churikov. He said to him if convict doesn’t do what he is ordered to do, jailers will keep raping him.

Now convict has fear for his health and life.


Lawyer of noncommercial partnership «LEGAL BASIS» — Larisa Zakharova helped him to make a claim to the Investigative Committee as well as different complaints.

Lately «convicts-activists» have beaten and humiliated new-comers to the colony and made them be slaves. They have power of administration and it’s not a secret. They are allowed to unlock cells and keep discipline and order by their own means, punish other inmates. Thus, administration stays away from controlling the facility and gave all powers to regular criminals. Officers from correctional facilities act on behalf of State and giving powers and authorities to criminals they cooperate State and criminal itself and devalue government institution.


How long will criminals be controlling penitentiary facilities in Sverdlovsk region? Apparently, General Khudorozhkov is not able to control situation and he simply throw dust in the eyes.

Human rights defenders of the Urals



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