Prosecutor office: yes, suspect is beaten but we don’t know who does it


Members of Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Committee have found arrested man with bodily harm in premises operating as pretrial detention center at the penal colony № 5.

It turned out that he had been walked out from his cell to the yard where jailers in masks were kicking him, humiliating and applying physical and psychological pressure in order to get full confessions.

This not convicted yet has asked members of Committee for help, save his life and protect his rights.

Members of Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Committee applied to Nizhnetagilskaya prosecutor office in order to conduct inspection and punish guilty ones who tried to force to give testimony by means of violence, tortures.

We’ve been expecting response for one month and 11 days. Larisa Zakharova has got formal reply.

Prosecutor S. Alekseeyev has conducted inspection and stated that he had got bodily harm in another facility and prosecutor is not interested where because he decided not to find out who and where had beaten a man. Apparently he simply has covered violators in uniforms.

Human rights defenders will definitely challenge this decision but we want to ask why does society need such prosecutor office  which hides criminals in uniforms?

Response of Prosecutor office:

ответ прокуратуры

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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