Security officials don’t confirm facts of torture in Ivdel colony to which human rights defenders try to draw attention by hunger strike


Ivdel investigative departmentin Sverdlovsk region have finished an inspection in the penal colony № 63 where upon application of human rights defenders from Public Monitoring Committee convicts are subject to torture on constant basis. Officers of Investigative Committee didn’t find proof of any facts,- press-agency informs

«In the course of inspection investigator by himself was questioning convicts, he was working together with medical expert of Sverdlovsk bureau of court medical examination,- says officer. —  After each question medical check-ups have been conducted. No bodily harm found. In the course also officers from penitentiary facility have been questioned.»


Investigators state that they have found out the reasons why convicts wrote statements about tortures. «It was done according to convicts themselves in order to be transferred to other facilities which are closer to places of former living; to get parcels and meetings with family members».

Hunger strike at the Federal Service for Execution of punishment’s building has begun on August 6th, 2014. Members of Public Monitoring Committee — Olga Dianova and Larisa Zakahrova were demanding resignation warden of Ivdel correctional facility № 63 where according to their information, people are being tortured. Ground for hunger strike was cruel beating of one convict. As women say convict got cranio-cerebral trauma and now he is a sorry plight. Members of Committee was demanding independent investigation without participation of officers from the Federal Service for Execution of punishment.

Чиновник из мэрии

Hunger strike has continued till August 13th. That day the representatives of Ombudsman of the Russian Federation met with human rights defenders.

Earlier head of press-agency of the Federal Service -Alexander Levchenko had stated that information about beating wasn’t confirmed. Convict himself say he had fallen. Besides, from other convicts there are no complaints at all.



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