Solo picket of woman trying to protect her brother


Ekaterina Chibireva went to Moscow early in the morning on September 10th, 2014 from Pervouralsk of the Sverdlovsk region. She made her way right to State Duma of the Russian Federation with a poster in order to protect her brother — Maksim Shurukhnov.

Her solo picket has begun at 10 am and in 7 minutes a man in grey suit came up to Ekaterina. He has asked her to show a passport. Ekaterina took out her document. Grey man took a picture and left.

Members of State Duma were passing by nonchalantly. In their insolent eyes there is neither surprise, no interest. Apparently, they were hurrying into generous cafes of Duma.

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Having stood some hours near the State Duma, Ekaterina went to the Central House of journalists where she also unfolded the poster.

But there she faced unpleasant surprise. Ekaterina could barely unfold her poster when one of the officers from the Central House of journalists demanded to put it away and leave that place.

-You are violating my rights,- said Ekatetina,-and for interruption of picketing you might be fined,-stated Katya.

But then she faced insults from insane officer. Truth to be told, Ekaterina was expecting to have provocations at the State Duma but surprisingly these provocations happened at the Central House of journalists.

That officer calmed down and Ekaterina could keep picketing.

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The reason for this picket was her brother who had been accused under art.228, part 2 of the Penal Code of Russia but he even wasn’t present because he has been on large since 04.07.2014.

According to Ekaterina criminal case had been framed up by policemen of Pervouralsk who had planted fake drugs evidence. After arrest they had forced him to confess to a crime and released him from custody on condition not to leave town.

When Maksim released from custody, he began to fight for his rights, applied to different bodies and attached to his applications many documents saying about violations. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Nobody wanted to notice obvious law breaches in the course of criminal case investigation, court sessions.

— » We have been  writing complaints and applications to all bodies for three years but we receive only formal responses. Everything lies in Prosecutor office. I got phone calls; someone threatened me in order to stop me from going to courts. Threatening was written even on my car.»-says Ekaterina.

According to Ekaterina, her brother used to serve sentence under fraud article but he was released two years early on parole. Term of imprisonment was 4 years and 6 months. After release Maksim set up his own business and refused to share with police.

«Evidential basis was framed over words of witnesses who are former and acting officers from the Department of Interior of Pervouralsk. Thus, for example, officer Y.V. Skorynin who arrested brother, later was fired. On October 23d, 2012 Skorynin was arrested with drugs in his office. He was given 3 years suspended sentence under art.228″,-says Ekaterina.

Neither Ekaterina nor her brother know how long to endure it. The only one decision is to draw society attention to existing problem including solo picket at the State Duma and make law-enforcement bodies restudy fake case towards Maksim Shurukhunov.

Uncontrolled behavior of men of offices scare with limitlessness. Poicemen break the law, officers of Prosecutor office hide them, court society justify helps both of them.

What are they getting at?

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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