Sverdlovsk regional court upholds illegality of refusal to initiate criminal proceedings over death of Tarkhan Kartoyev


Human rights defenders of the Urals keep dealing with death of convict -Tarkhan Kartoyev in the penal colony № 2 which is considered to be torture chamber and famous for its «mysterious» deaths of prisoners.

Tarkhan Kartoyev died «mysteriously» there as well. According to jailers and officials from Investigative Committee, he died of heart failure and besides according to official sources, no bodily harm found. So it wasn’t surprise that criminal case hadn’t been initiated.

Human rights defenders didn’t agree on this information and put forward their own version that beatings caused death. As in evidence defenders attached photos of dead body where marks of beatings are clearly recognized. After additional inspection Investigative Committee admitted injuries on the dead body. But again investigator Kostromin didn’t open up a criminal case.


On June 5th, 2014 Verkh-Isetsky regional court ruled decision of Kostromin being illegal.

Dissatisfied with the decision handed down by court, prosecutor officer tried to challenge this decision. Prosecutor officer made an appeal with many pages; apparently they consider situation with dead body with obvious bodily injuries, no criminal case, guilty ones are not in charge to be normal.


Today finally Sverdlovsk regional court has studied this appeal from Prosecutor office, questioned investigator Dmitry Kostromin and in the end court upheld ruling of Verkh-Isetsky court.

But human rights defenders don’t hope much that court decisions will push Investigative Committee to initiate criminal proceedings, carry out investigation and find guilty ones.

Investigative Directorate especially investigator Dmitry Sergeyvich Kostromin can show extraordinary «miracles of case-law» buta truth to be told these «miracles» are common in our country…

We will be informing you about pace of developments.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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