Human rights organization » LEGAL BASIS» is being inspected again by prosecutor office


Noncommercial Partnership «Assistance in the Legal Defense of the Population «LEGAL BASIS» is being inspected again by prosecutor office of Kirov district of the Sverdlovsk region. In August 2014 the same prosecutor office checked financial and public activities and didn’t find any violations.

Recently «LEGAL BASIS» has received a document from prosecutor office demanding to give information about the Presidential Grant; its expenses in an amount of 2,5 million rubles.

Требование прокуратуры от 17.09.2014 001

All activity of «LEGAL BASIS» constantly is being covered on the site «HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS OF THE URALS», all financial papers are submitted on time to the Tax Inspection. All money is spent on trips to the correctional facilities in order to consult convicts and their relatives. Grantor receives our reports on the activities carried out on a quarterly basis.

Members of Noncommercial Partnership «LEGAL BASIS» have serious concerns about frequent inspections by prosecutor office, because they don’t violate the law and it’s proved by inspections of Ministry of Justice and prosecutor office of the Sverdlovsk region.

These inspections take away a lot of time from defenders and distract them from human rights activity.

Why do State bodies always check activity of human rights organization? we can only guess.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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