For years ill convicts haven’t had a right to legal help. There is the end of it

На просьбу правозащитников отреагировал Верховный Суд РФ

Last week on September 25th, Supreme Court of Russia finally handed down that it’s not lawful to circumscribe convicts’ right to meetings with attorneys and other people who have a right to provide legal help.

Supreme Court has refused to satisfy an appeal of Ministry of Health about decision of Supreme Court upon our application to declare p.119 of joint order № 640/190 of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Justice to be inactive. Since then colony administration of correctional facilities don’t have a right to limit access to ill convicts for proving them with legal help.

In the court interests were represented by attorney Roman Kachanov and human rights defender Larisa Zakharova. As foreign observer there was our colleague from France — Hugues de Sureman.


The representative of General Prosecutor office completely has supported lawfulness and reasonability of court decision of the first instance. Her support caused upheaval from the representative of Ministry of Justice- Tsaplin. He was mad that Prosecutor office wasn’t by their side.

Let’s remind that about our victory in Supreme Court publication has been already made in «Rossiyskaya gazeta» — the official print newspaper.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.



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