In Moscow it was taken stock of three-years work of the Russian project: Public Monitoring Committee


On September 25th, 2014 in Moscow was held international conference under the Russian project of Public Monitoring Committee with purpose to support effective public monitoring for correctional facilities in the Russian Federation: «Assistance in independent and effective public control of correctional facilities in the Russian Federation: progress review of three years work and preparation for the future».

Russian project of Public Monitoring Committee is joint project of Ombudsman in the Russian Federation and Directorate Council of Europe for human rights defense and antidiscrimination which works with assistance of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and President’s Council for civil society and human rights developments.


The representatives of Public Monitoring Committees of the Russian Federation have participated as well as project group, Supervisory Council and international consultants of the Russian project for Public Monitoring Committee.


Recently elected Ombudsman Ella Pamfilova while delivering her speech, she was suggesting her ideas upon public monitoring of correctional facilities.


During the conference Markus Eger, head of national structures department on human rights, penitentiary facilities and police of General Directorate of Europe Council and co-chairman of this project said that this project has helped to increase professionalism of members of Public Monitoring Committee and told about new project in sphere of public control in correctional facilities execution of which is planned to be in 2015-2018.



The representatives of Public Monitoring Committees from different parts of Russia have got an opportunity to share their ideas how to improve the project and how to deal with problems members face in their work.




Nikolay Schur (Chelyabinsk Public Monitoring Committee) and Gennadyi Postnikov (Tomsk Public Monitoring Committee)
Vyacheslav Bashkov (Yekaterinburg Public Monitoring Committee) and Alexander Muzykantsky (Civic Chamber of Russia)
Vladimir Lukin and Mikhail Morozov (Tyumen Public Monitoring Committee)

Members of Public Monitoring Committee and human rights defenders of the Sverdlovsk region also took part in project work, in the course of the conference they’ve discussed the most essential issues and took pictures.

Larisa Zakharova, Andrey Babushkin and Roman Kachanov
Alexander Kosov ( Krasnoyarsk Public Monitoring Committee), Yuri Blokhin (Rostov-on-Don Public Monitoring Committee), Aleksey Sokolov (Yekaterinburg Public Monitoring Committee), Roman Kachanov (Yekaterinburg Public Monitoring Committee), Larisa Zakharova (Yekaterinburg Public Monitoring Committee)
Nadezhda Radnayeva (Moscow Public Monitoring Committee), Yuri Blokhin, Aleksey Sokolov, Larisa Zakharova, Larisa Fefilova (Udmurtia Public Monitoring Committee), Roman Kachanov, Natalia Merkulova ( Rostov-on-Don Public Monitoring Committee)

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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