Investigative Committee begins inspection of information about tortures in the pretrial detention center-1


Juvenile offender in the pretrial detention center-1 of Yekaterinburg who has been a subject to tortures (with a purpose to get full confessions from him of crime he didn’t commit), gave explanations to investigator of the Regional Investigative Committee in the presence of his attorney and his father.

According to attorney V.Ya.Kapustin, juvenile Sh.’s written refusal of confessions received under tortures was admitted to examination by Investigative Directorate of Russia and another investigator conducts investigation.

As a part of inspection all the participants will be questioned as well as fellow inmates of juvenile who confirm that Sh. had been taken out of the cell and as a result officers got confessions.

Earlier press-agency of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment put forward rebuttal of information posted on the site: «Human rights defenders of the Urals» about tortures in the pretrial detention center-1.

However jailers didn’t do inspection about this information, they just posted rebuttal on their site.

If work of officers of penitentiary system comes down to loud statements and publications of materials of unfinished criminal case, then why do they get a salary at all?

Human rights defenders of the Urals.



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