In Republic of Mordovia the special operations unit injured people


Relatives of several convicts (who are serving in the colonies of Republic of Mordovia) have applied to human rights defenders. They have informed them about beatings in there.

According to relatives, at the end of September in the colonies of Mordovia special operations unit was imposed by the Federal Service for Execution of punishment. Unit acted rigorously; beatings were lasting for a long time.

According to convicts in one colony:

«Around 10 am officers of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment went inside of our cell and made us leave the cell in order to conduct a search.  Officer of the penal colony № 1- A.A. Chudayev took out a convict M. for personal search to a separate room. There were five officers from the unit. They ordered to take off his underwear, after he refused they began to beat him. They knocked convict M. off his feet, started kicking and applying special means. When convict M. was put in solitary. It was cold solitary, without light. He was kept this way for two days. Besides there other convicts were beaten either.»

In another colony:

«After morning checks in ward-type rooms the special operations unit were conducting searches, prisoners were taken out. Officers turned everything upside down, took away things that belong to convicts. Convict G. rebelled against it, as a result officers took him to standby unit and beat him. He fell down. Officers poured him with cold water, when he came to himself, they continued to beat him. Later he woke up in a cell with broken head and bodily harm.»

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Another convict Kh. was taken to standby unit and began to beat him without a reason. Officers broke his head and left injuries all over his body. After he fell unconscious, they brought him into a cell.

IMG-20140927-WA0018 - копияIMG-20140927-WA0019

As relatives said that day four convicts were beaten by officers, two of them have broken head and bodily harm.

Officer  of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment in Republic of Mordovia — Turulin was ruling this operation and jailers of the penal colony № 10 — Aleksandr Vladimirovich Gnutov and Viktor Nikolayevich Izotov.

More than 15 prisoners cut their veins as a protest in another colony but beatings were going on..

Later beaten convicts were visited by officers of the Federal Service: Semakov, Valgalkin and Nazarov and offered to write statements about who was beating them. Convicts refused saying that they will give testimony only in presence of attorneys and human rights defenders. Officers warned them about perjury .

Human rights defenders together with experts of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» went tot the colonies of Mordovia in order to carry out legal consultations.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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