Convict was detained into ward-type room without medical examination in the penal colony № 19

В ИК-24 г.Тавда незаконно помещали осужденных в ШИЗО

Prosecutor office of Tavda has carried out on-site inspection for observation of the Correctional Code by administration of the penal colony № 19 in the Sverdlovsk region.

In the course of inspection they’ve found violations in ward-type rooms and solitaries.

Thus disciplinary punishment as transfer to war-type room for a term of 5 moths towards one convict was executed with violation of requirements of law. His medical examination was not conducted, in provision about execution of punishment there is no medical report about capability to be detained in ward-type rooms.

Decision of warden of the penal colony № 19 was called off by prosecutor, convict was immediately released from punishment premises.

Besides, warden of correctional facility has got instruction for elimination of detected violations. The results are under control of Prosecutor office.



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