Exchange of experience and information


After panel discussion in Tyumen on topic: «Situation with human rights abidance in correctional facilities and ways to cooperation in the area of protection of convicts’ rights» the representatives of public organizations came to Yekaterinburg from Kurgan.

Defenders were discussing questions about protection of human rights in correctional facilities in the office of noncommercial partnership «Assistance in legal protection of citizens «LEGAL BASIS».

During conversation Director of «LEGAL BASIS» — Aleksey Sokolov and his colleagues told guests how meetings with convicts are conducted in colonies. How to challenge law breaches in court upon denial of access for defenders according to p.4. art.89 of Penal Code.

Human rights defenders of the Urals have pool of experience.

Also they were discussing issues on filing of an application on financing for human rights activity to different Funds which deal with Grants. Human rights defenders will carry  out activity on the territory of Kurgan region.


It’s very promising that human rights society of the Urals are uniting for fighting against tortures and law violations in prisons of the Ural Federal District.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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