Human rights defenders of the Urals take part in the seminar regarding prison medicine


On 25-26 October in Moscow there was 2-days seminar «Monitoring for medical treatment in correctional facilities: ways of control by Public Monitoring Committee» involving the project «Russian project of Public Monitoring Committee», common project of Ombudsman in the Russian Federation and Directorate for human rights of Council of Europe.

Members of Public Monitoring Committees from all the regions of Russia have been invited to take part in work of a seminar.

The seminar has been opened up by Director of «Russian project of Public Monitoring Committee » — Valentin Mikhailovich Gefter, Director of Human Rights Institute and Lyubov Nikolayevna Vinogradova — Director of the project Monitoring for medical treatment in correctional facilities».


Deputy Head of Directorate for organization of medical supply of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment —  Sergey Vyacheslavovich Smirnov has told about current status of medical treatment of the Federal Service, the first results and prospects of reform, also about abidance by Russian standards.


Instructors in human rights and members of Public Monitoring Committee of Republic of Mariy-  El — Irina Protasova and Sergey Poduzov have shared their experience in realization of monitoring, including legal basis, drawing a plan and sharing duties, relations with convicts.

Psychologist and conflict management expert -Nikolay Gusakov has carried out classes in overcoming resistance, closeness and ways to resolve conflicts.

Expert of the project and expert of movement «For human rights» — Nadezhda Radnayeva have given analysis Russian and international statutes and regulations for medical treatment in correctional facilities, also told about complaints of wrong medical help in colonies of Russia.


Physician of Superior Merit — Aleksandr Goncharenko,  the Chairman of Public Monitoring Committee of the Altai Territory and Mikhail Denisov — member of Public Monitoring Committee of the Ivanovo region have told about the first experience of monitoring for medical treatment and evaluation of it.


Expert of Council of Europe -George Alimpiyevich has shared experience of European standards of control for medical treatment rendering in correctional facilities including how European committee against tortures controls medical treatment , its availability and timeliness; what to pay attention to etc.


The seminar was going on in a very active and enthusiastic manner where such issues as inhuman treatment, recording of bodily harm, first aid treatment, role of a doctor and medical staff were being discussed there.

In the break between sessions colleagues from Russia were sharing their experience, problems and situation with human rights in general.

на семинаре в москве_1

George Alimpiyevich and his translators were surprised by detainment conditions in the Ural colonies saying that it’s «special region».


We together with Olga Ivanovna Dianova seized any opportunity to talk over situation in Ivdel colonies and correctional medical facilities of our region.

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After summing up the seminar, participants started off for homes in order to begin work with new knowledge.

Larisa Zakharova, member of Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Committee.


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