Jailers from the Kurgan region will go throught courts as it happened to jailers of the Sverdlovsk region


On October 31, 2014 as a part of the project «Public service for penitentiary control» there was cooperate human rights trip of Sverdlovsk and Kurgan defenders — Svetlana Malyugina and Aleksandr Andruykov to provide convicts with legal help who are serving their sentences in the penal colony № 1 of Kurgan.

Experts of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» — Svetlana Malyugina and Aleksandr Andruykov arrived at the colony in order to check a convict C. who was inspected before by Aleksey Sokolov and Larisa Zakharova.

Last time warden didn’t obstruct work of experts but this time they couldn’t manage to meet with convicts.

Firstly, one of the officers said that Fund wasn’t human rights organization but only noncommercial.

After explanation of our purposes which are written in Charter, officer responded that he had to consult with a lawyer and left.

After a while Alibek Eliyovich Balgumbayev went out to defenders and said that our organization wasn’t human rights and experts had to prove they have high education in law.

No reasons helped; that Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» is organization has a right to provide with legal help and also that to have education in law is not required.

A.E. Balgumbayev has rejected a meeting and left offering to wait for explanations from warden. So Svetlana Malyugina and Aleksandr Andryukov were waiting for warden in front office. Unfortunately, he didn’t show up at all.

Apparently, administration had something to hide there because convict C. is on the list of complainers and as for defenders he is on the list of people who struggle for their rights. He is under control of defenders.

All unlawful actions will be challenged in courts.

Svetlana Malyugina, expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection


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