On human rights trip of members of Public Monitoring Committee — Vasily Rybakov and Olga Dianova to the medical correctional facility № 58


On 30 October, 2014 I and Olga Dianova inspected the medical correctional facility № 58 in Nadymovka of the Ivdel area of the Sverdlovsk region.

We’ve checked premises of solitaries, ward-type rooms, squads, talked to convicts, inspected arrangements for feeding and medical treatment delivery.

In the facility on 30 October 2014 there are 237 people. There are two squads and squad with strict conditions (4 people). There are 3 premises for solitaries with 1 person in each.

In the course of inspection we’ve checked: log of food samples check, log of putting food for preparation and serving the tables. We’ve pay attention to that menu doesn’t coincide with logs of food samples check and serving the tables.

In particular, on the menu from 29 October, 2014 was put -juice but in logs this product is missing.

From logs we couldn’t find out how much food and for how many convicts is it cooked.

Photo of lunch on 30 October, 2014:

фото обед-1

фото обед-2

Olga Dianova paid special attention to medical treatment. Some issues found which are supposed to be resolved soon. We’ve stated together with medical staff ways to deal with problems.

Besides we’ve seen some good things. In particular, there is «legal room».

фото стенд

Then we’ve checked mattresses with stamps indicating date of commissioning.

фото матрац

I guess that all remarks which we’ve left in log for Public Monitoring Committee, will be corrected by January of 2015.

Wish well.

Vasily Rybakov.

Blog of Vasily Rybakov:


 At support of the project «Public service for penitentiary control» based on Agreement on Grant allocation №179/2014 with «CIVIL DIGNITY».


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