Prisons in the Vladimir region are place of high-handedness


Human rights defenders of  the Urals have received a message that at the prison № 2 in the Vladimir region (and this place is also known as «Vladimirsky central») convict P. was cruelly beaten upon arrival.

Defenders have recommended convict’s relative to contact the chairman of Public Monitoring Committee in the Vladimir region — Vladimir Lyukov for providing security.

Mother of a convict was really surprised when on the phone with the Chairman, she heard prices for visiting penitentiary facilities in the Vladimir region.

Having not believed high price, mother of a convict has told Human Rights Defenders of the Urals about commercial activity of the chairman of Public Monitoring Committee in the Vladimir region — Andrey Lyukov.

It turned out that a trip of two members to the colonies costs 15 000 rubles and inspection of a prison in Vladimir equals 8 000 rubles. But according to the Federal Law № 76 «On public control for enforcement of human rights in correctional facilities» under which Andrey Lyukov acts, a member of Public Monitoring Committee doesn’t have a right to get money upon execution of public control. (art.17, p.3).

Well, let it remain on his conscience. If he «steals» money from relatives of convicts, let God judge him.

In this regard Director of NGO «LEGAL BASIS» and expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection » -Aleksey Sokolov went to a prison of Vladimir together with Moscow attorney Irina Biryukova.

«Владимирский централ» — конвейер произвола
Aleksey Sokolov and Irina Biryukova

Having arrived in Vladimir on 22 October 2014 and registered in the prison № 2 a statement on a meeting with convicts, human rights defenders had to wait at the check point for all day long. In the end of a working day Aleksey and Irina should leave the facility due to absence of a spare room for attorneys. Exactly this way they were said. Defenders came back again on 24 October but before they addressed to executive chief of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» -Lev Ponomarev who contacted with deputy of director of the Federal Service — Anatoly Rydyi.

But it turned out that chief deceived general saying that Irina Biruykova doesn’t have advocatory status and it was a reason why she didn’t get a meeting. As for Aleksey Sokolov, he was rejected on legal grounds (according to the Federal Service), even if he has a power of attorney from his convict to represent him.


On October 24, 2014 a meeting was held finally and Irina Biryukova saw a convict who had bodily harm and black eye. After that it became clear why administration of the colony obstructed this meeting.

Human defenders have recorded all bodily harm, took a claim to Investigative Committee and sent it to different state bodies.

The next trip to Vladimir was on 5 November 2104. Aleksey Sokolov and Irina Biruykova again early in the morning showed up there. This time they were waiting for «only» half a day; in late afternoon Irina was admitted to a convict and Aleksey Sokolov was said that his statement would be studied during 30 days…

In the course of a meeting a convict told an attorney that jailers make him turn down his claim and stop complaining. If he doesn’t do it then he will be deprived of meetings with relatives. Jailers always have a reason. Like there is only one room for attorney for instance and it follows that for him it will be always occupied; they won’t let relatives because this convict «might» be in solitary. Convict wrote a statement to protect him and his rights. When a meeting was over, officers tried to grab those statements and other papers.

As Irina describes actions of jailers: «We arrived at 7:30 and were third ones in line. Before us another attorney was coming over for a week but couldn’t get there. We asked why don’t you complain of it? As we understood they don’t want to fight with locals. We were surprised that they put up with humiliation. I went inside at around 15:20. As convict said fuss about my arrival began in the morning. By the way, I found him beaten before. When a meeting was finished, I took quite a long time to call officers to unlock the door and let me out.

Finally, someone showed up and said:

-Did a convict write any kind of statements or something? Show me.

-Why would I do it? These things have been written to me not you.

Any correspondence goes only thought special unit.

— When he writes a letter to you, then you will read. Here is a advocacy secret.

— Not gonna show?


-Then wait.

Another officer came up who refused to present himself and with scary tone ordered me to bring up documents. I said they are at the check-point.

-Not those ones but some that a convict has given to you.

— He hasn’t given anything, he has written in my presence with my pen and paper to me. I’m gonna give you anything. Any claim as a part of legal help is confidential information if you are aware of that.

— I told you to show.

— Who are you? And under which law am I supposed to do it?


No. Step back.

This dialogue was happening at least five times. Then this person said if I didn’t show I would stay here for an indefinite period. I answered I could stay till the morning. Officers walked back a convict and locked me in a cell. I asked to give me a phone and call a warden. I was said that nobody would give you a cell here but if I wanted a chief I might see him.

I sat down and waited. A guard named Denis stayed to keep an eye on me. When I asked him about names of that officer he didn’t reply. I was shivering with anger and thinking how to call Aleksey Sokolov and say that I’m sleeping here)))?10 minutes later I started to write a complaint to Prosecutor when an officer opened a door and with smile walked me out. Then he wished me safe trip.»

Complaints upon unlawful actions of officers and administration of the facility have been filed. Also illegal actions will be challenged in a court.

To be continued…

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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