Human rights defenders discuss a difficult situation in the Vladimir region


On 13 November 2014 Director of noncommercial partnership «LEGAL BASIS» -Aleksey Sokolov arrived in Moscow where at the office of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» discussed a serious situation at the prison № 2 in the Vladimir region together with executive officer of Fund — Lev Ponomarev and experts -Nadezhda Radnayeva, Valentin Bogdan.

As we’ve said before at the prison in Vladimir a situation with rights observance is difficult; there are facts of physical force application towards convicts. Attorneys cannot provide inmates with legal help constantly because there is only one advocacy room which is occupied all the time.

We underline that at the prison № 2 there is only one advocacy room for meetings attorneys with convicts. How many offices for legal consultations and investigative actions are there we don’t know but according to jailers enough.

Obviously, one room is not enough for such meetings because a rights to legal help is being violated.

Every convict has a right to legal help and restrictions of this assistance based on lack of space is considered to be breach of law.

Due to this fact there was made a decision to set up human rights trips with participation of experts and attorneys to the prison № 2 in order to protect prisoners and call upon the Federal Service for Execution of punishment with request to stop violence towards convicts and take measures in particular to make additional rooms for meetings.

That day Lev Ponomarev has passed a request to deputy chief of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment — Anatoly Ryduy.

Will the response be up there? It’s a matter of time.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.



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