Sverdlovsk judges don’t want to study cases

В Международный день прав человека Свердловский областной суд защитил право человека на защиту

According to art.2 of the Federal Law from 19.06.2006 № 54-ФЗ (ed. 04.10.2014) «On meetings, rallies, demonstrations, gatherings and pickets» — «picketing — is a form of public expression of opinions by holding posters or any other means of visual agitation  without movement and application of loudspeaker equipment».

On 13 November 2014 at the Sverdlovsk regional court a judge — Yulia Filipova convicted L.V.Zakharova by declaring her to be evil picketer who hadn’t disobeyed a demand of policemen to leave lawn at the Central Stadium.

She has been called picketer for words:«A hunger strike of members of Public Monitoring Committee».

Pleading from protection party for conducting linguistic court examination in order to find out whether that poster had an appeal to some actions or just public expression of opinion, judge rejected.

Pleading for questioning of eye-witnesses was turned down either — people who were present upon drawing up of police protocol about administrative violation. It was necessary to know their perception of those words.

As a result a decision of judge -Evgenia Terentyeva was changed; court decided to forfeited a tent from members and a poster to be torn. Another part of decision remained and Larisa Zakharova as well as Olga Dianova have to pay 10000 rubles for being at lawn.

Larisa Zakharova doesn’t agree with it. They will challenge it at the Supreme Court; at European Court either concerning violation of article 10 and 11 of European Convention which guarantees freedom of speech and freedom to express opinions.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.



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