the New Wave of «repressions» by the Federal Service for Execution of punishment?


On 17 November 2014 as a part of the project of «Public service for penitentiary control» there was a human rights trip of Svetlana Malyugina and Larisa Zakharova to the penal colony № 55 and № 63 of Ivdel.

They’ve checked solitary, ward-type rooms and squads № 1,2 and 3.

There in solitary and ward-type rooms they have found some problems with bathroom equipment and boiled water was missing. Inmates said that there is no water at all; they can drink it only during meal time.

At squads’ premises defenders have carried out consultations upon medical; law and other important issues.

The penal colony № 63 they’ve visited as experts of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» because that day a convict D.A.Finogenov was transferred in the colony from the penal colony № 19 of Tavda for serving his administrative penalty into special cells. As Svetlana Malyugina is his defender she cannot inspect him as a member of Public Monitoring Committee.

Officers of this colony didn’t hide their happiness over this fact. The representative of the facility has met us with smile.

So, disciplinary punishment in the form of special cell detainment was given to Finogenov on 22 August 2014; right after a hunger strike of members where Svetlana Malyugina took part. Why did they transfer him into the penal colony № 63 if there is the facilities with special cells in Tavda either.

It’s matter of time .. what kind of aims the Prison Directorate pursues: to obstruct Svetlana Maluygina to get into the penal colony № 63 or to put pressure on a convict.

That day Finogenov didn’t have complaints or problems during consultations with Svetlana Malyugina. Larisa Zakharova could meet only with one convict out of 5.


Two inmates were absent in the facility and two convicts refused to meet with a defender.

Convict Tregubov told that since defenders’ last inspection neither prosecutor or any other officers shower up due to his hunger strike on 1-8 November 2014.

As Tregubov explained, on 6 November junior inspector walked him out of the cell № 12 and transferred him into the cell № 7 where there was no window and it was freezing there.30 minutes later another officer came over, put handcuffs on him. In addition chief of special cells premises -Zolotukhin lead a convict to the next building with solitary.

At the office Zolotukhin didn’t take off cuffs and hit him twice demanding to stop a hunger strike. Chief was rude and tried to humiliate him.

After Tregubov was detained into one-man cell № 10 where they kept him till the evening before they made a disciplinary punishment about single cell detainment  for 6 months because Tregubov broke radio speaker which jailer switch on with high volume of sound in order to torture inmates with extremely loud noises.

Besides, Tregubov told a defender that he cannot send letters; all the letters are gone traceless as well as his personal request to Ombudsman of Russia. Somehow a convict who tries to fight for his rights is not given his correspondence and list if things he may have with him in the cell. Administration declared war against him for his actions on protection of his rights; jailers even say: «speak less with Zakharova» meaning his complaints to members of Public Committee in particular to Larisa Zakharova.


«Repressions» against convicts are going on…

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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