Regime of special conditiions — for whom?


On 25-30 November 2014 there was a human rights defenders trip to the Lipetsk region in order to give legal consultations in the correctional facilities.

On 26 November 2014 I visited the prison № 2 in Elets of the Lipetsk region to consult convicts in questions of Russian citizenship and medical delivery, conditions of detainment and prosecution.

The thing is that convicts are being detained at the one-man cells for more than two years and except lawyers and human rights defenders they don’t see anyone.

One convict who is disabled of II group and has diseases of supporting-motor apparatus; he didn’t have opportunity to go to a gym to get back therapy training.

Convicts of the facility have set of mind in the field of human rights protection; they don’t want to write complaints of living conditions. Apparently jailers use it and ignore complaints in oral form.

There have been organized meetings with three convicts where it has been held legal consultations upon drawing up various claims and requests.

On 27 November 2014 in Moscow at Sakharovsky center I participated at the panel discussion «Current issues of food standards in the correctional facilities» with participation of the representatives of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment and Moscow Public Monitoring Committee.

In the last days of November there were working meetings with defenders and civilian activists of Moscow where we discussed problems with human rights in the correctional facilities.

Expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection»,

Lawyer of NGO «LEGAL BASIS» — Larisa Zakharova



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