Human rights trip in the Urals for protection of human rights of convicts


On 15-18 December 2014 as part of the project «Public service for penitentiary control» there was a trip of attorney Roman Kachanov, director of noncommercial partnership «Legal Basis» Aleksey Sokolov and expert of Transregional public organization «Transregional center of human rights» Gleb Edelev to Ivdel and Chusovskoy town court houses of the Sverdlovsk region and Perm region.

As we’ve written before, on 16 December in the Ivdel town court a statement of the convict Yuri Mikhailov was being studied about finding of fact having legal meaning. Aleksey Sokolov as a representative of a convict on power of attorney and Roman Kachanov participated in court hearing where they supported the convict Mikhailov.

The thing is to find that this convict used to participate in military actions in Afghanistan. He needs it in order to be amnestied which was declared in 2000 by the State Duma in honor of 55 anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Judge Savkina late in the evening handed down a decision to dismiss an application without prejudice. The representatives of Mikhailov haven’t get a decision yet but judge read it out. From the text it follows that judge found easy way out. Thus, she acknowledged presence of contradictory documents about military service of Mikhailov in Afghanistan and stated that as Yuri wants amnesty, there is necessity of application into court actionably. On question of Roman Kachanov how could this case be solved actionably, judge Savkina said that as Roman Kachanov is an attorney, he should know better that judges (?!).

This decision will be challenged in the Sverdlovsk regional court according to established procedures.

The next day on 17 December attorney Roman Kachanov had a court hearing into Chusovskoy town courthouse of Perm kray against administration of the penal colony № 10 which is located in Vsesvyatskaya. Expert of Transregional public organization «Transregional center of human rights» and coordinator of «Yekaterinburg movement against torture»  Gleb Edelev acted as a witness there.

Court was about the convict Boris Stomakhin serving his sentence there. This case was about challenging unlawful and groundless posting to preventive lists by administration.

Thus, administration put Stomakhin on two types of preventive lists: as «a person promoting, practicing and spreading extremist ideology» and as «a person inclined to prison break».

Court hearings have been for 2 days: 17 and 18 December. There it turned out that administration of the colony № 10 have violated everything: reasons for preventive list are absent, conditions were not observed, all the procedures were broken. In particular, Stomakhin in his written explanations attached to case materials, said that he hadn’t been called up for commission about preventive list; he was deprived of his rights to protection.

Meanwhile, judge Azanova was consulting with someone (with whom?) more than one hour, handed down a decision against convict. We are wondering how judge will justify action of administration… Anyway, about reasons we don’t know yet — judge read out only resolution. After receiving a Decision in all parts, it will be challenged into Perm courthouse.

Powered by the project ” Public service for penitentiary control ” and based on Agreement about allocation of Grant №179/2014 with “CIVILIAN DIGNITY”.

Human rights defenders of the Urals.


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