At the Sverdlovsk Federal Service for Execution of punishment laws are observed only after court decisions and remedial action orders

ГУФСИН Свердловской области блокирует телефонный номер члену ОНК

At several correctional facilities of the Sverdlovsk region there are squads under strict conditions of detainment for convict in the former premises of solitaries what is law violation of the Penal Code and general Orders of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation concerned prison space. To put it simply, convicts, transferred on strict conditions of detainment contrary to the law, they are placed into cells and detained under torture conditions what influence their mind.

Members of the Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Committee many times have informed the Federal Service for Execution of punishment and General Khudorozhkov personally about those facts. However, as a rule, all their applications remained unstudied. At best defenders have received a runaround that there was no opportunity to reconstruct the premises due to financial problems.

Convicts not baring tortures conditions have to addressed to courts for protection. Only with help of court decisions it was possible to make Russian laws work in the Sverdlovsk region.

Thus, convict who was serving his sentence in the penal colony № 15 in Sosva with help of his representative at the court, made administration of the colony to observe Laws of Russia.

Court has obliged administration of the penal colony № 15 to provide convicts with conditions which are supposed to be according to the Penal Code of the Russian Federation and reconstruct the premises of the squads under strict conditions.

Prosecutor office has joined in order to solve the existing problem.

As site of the regional prosecutor office says, as a result of measures taken by prosecutor office in the penal colony № 8 after full repairs the premises for inmates under strict conditions have been put into service.

Earlier, the Ural prosecutor office in the course of inspections has noticed violations of the Penal Code and Orders of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation which are concerned equipment of those premises. As a results of supervisory measures there was drawn up remedial action order to correct found violations.

Thus, court practice shows that General Khudorozhkov is not able to keep under control everything connected with law abidance and the Penal Code observance in the correctional facilities without prosecutor office’s remedial action orders and court decisions.

There is a rhetorical question: why does penitentiary system need such General?

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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