Memory of Vladimir Andreyevich Shaklein

Вспоминали Владимира Андреевича Шаклеина

This Sunday, on 28 December, we gathered together in order to remember Vladimir Andreyvich Shaklein, famous dissident and human rights defender who left us this day two years ago.

Firstly, we went to a cemetery and visited his grave. Then we gathered together at his widow’s house — Lidiya Evstigneyevna. For several hours we were not going home. It was Sunday so  nobody was in hurry…

We were talking about Vladimir Andreyvich and, of course, about current issues and problems in the human rights field and in general about the Russian Federation and society. We couldn’t help reminding how Vladimir Andreeyvich would be upset if he were alive now seeing what’s happening in Russia: how key human rights and freedoms are disappearing; how country as it was in Soviet Union persecuting civil activists and human rights defenders by putting humiliating clichés; how authorities are indulging low feeling of people and amplifying hatred, violence and aggression in the society. We are sure that Vladimir Andreyvich at this difficult period wouldn’t put up with those actions of authorities; hw would keep fight for as he said: «rights and dignity of people».

We will be remembering about Vladimir Andreyvich Shaklein, his life, destiny and heritage.

Human rights defenders of the Urals




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