the pretrial detention center-1. Will mice come to office of Chief?


On 19 January 2015 members of Public Monitoring Committee — Svetlana Malyugina and Vasily Rybakov inspected the pretrial detention center of Yekaterinburg as a part of the project «Public service for penitentiary control».

Defenders have visited squads № 24, 11, 6 which are under main buildings and prisoners call them as basements.

During inspections defenders have also checked randomly cells and spoke to convicts.

Arrested B. has complained of rats and ants in his cells. With visual checks defenders noticed holes in the floor looking like mice’ holes.

Convict I., who earlier addressed to members of Committee, complained that despite all promises of doctor he didn’t call up a convict for examination and his condition is getting worse and worse.

СИЗО-1Arrested G. complained that for five months he couldn’t get a meeting with chief of the facility. According to him, he wrote many times a petition but anyway it disappeared.

In the course of inspection of the squad № 6, cell № 207 a convict M. has informed defenders that on 16 January 2015 he refused from food because he doesn’t agree with his detainment in inhuman conditions and his requests about meetings with administration are ignored.

It’s worth to mention that convict M. is disabled: after stroke his legs stopped working and he cannot move by himself. His cell doesn’t meet demands. Total area is 6mx2m, there is no private space for toilet and in fact convicts are into bathroom not into a cell, because of lack of space.

After inspection defenders went to chief’s office — A. Kokayev for discussion of found problems.

The first moment defenders were interested in was whether chief took some actions in order  convict M. stop his hunger strike. Aleksander Kokayev said that he heard of convict M. for the first time and didn’t know about hunger strike. Due to this fact defenders found a convict who was on hunger strike, chief of the facility will notify authorities.

Defenders realized that chief of the facility A. Kokayev doesn’t know what is going on in his facility.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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