Looks like normal prison with frienly chief


«Human rights defenders of the Urals» keep receiving information about unlawful activity of officers of the penal colony № 47 who use «activists» out of inmates in order to «teach» new convicts to «respect» Law with help of batons and sticks.

Thus, according to prisoners of this facility, all new-comers are met by «convicts-activist» and officers. Once new inmate steps off a prison truck, he got into avalanche of beatings with batons while he moves through squad of prisoners.

When new-comers run into quarantine premises they hear an order: «Undress» which is said by person-on duty. Having undressed, convicts are beaten up into bath-house, meanwhile «activists» make a search in convicts’ stuff. After such terrible execution nobody asks where his belongings; they are afraid to get under batons. Sometimes convicts pass out and «activists» take him for legs and drag into bath-house.

Anyone, who shows anger, for them there is a special room with a table, mattresses, where «dissatisfied» inmate on it with untied hands and legs. This way they officers start «extreme interrogation». They put on sheet or blanket on a head of an inmate in order him no to remember people who torture him.

«Activists» beat and do unlawful actions of a violent and sexual nature with  extreme atrocity like fisting until a convict passes out because of enormous pain. Everything is taped in order to blackmail him.

A poster at the office in the penal colony № 47

This torture facility is run by «grey figure» — deputy chief Dmitry Churikov who has a band of «convicts-activists» with nicknames: «Osina», «Zima», «Zabor», «Bandit» etc.

People, who used to serve their sentences, told about all those tortures.

On 19 January 2015 a group of human rights defenders and members of Public Monitoring Committee — Larisa Zakharova, Sergey Kirillov and expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» Aleksey Sokolov went to this facility in order to check facts of beatings there.

Upon arrival at the colony defenders have met with warden — A. L. Karasev. At his office Andrey Leonidovich was polite. He talked about works in the colony, about 100 % of job placement and their good earnings. About additional floor for long-term meetings with relatives after what boom of marriages happened. In 2014 in the facility about 30 couples were registered and it says about strong social connections.

Having written main information about the colony, members got to public inspection and walked across the territory.

Members have inspected working zone, solitaries and ward-type rooms, quarantine zone, medical department and some squads including squad № 15 which is considered to be «second quarantine». Everything is clean and repaired. There are plastic windows in the cells. General picture is impressive except one thing all the convicts were silent; nobody wanted to speak to us; many of them looked scared, wan eyes.

There were 12 inmates in quarantine zone. Everyone looked depressed, not willing to talk.

Members of Public Monitoring Committee didn’t know how to check whether they had bodily injuries or not; inmates didn’t want to show anything.

Defenders found a convict in strange scared condition in solitary. During conversation he said he cannot tell what had happened to him because he is afraid of revenge from «convicts-activists» who had applied physical and psychological force toward him; as a result he cut his neck.

Picture was terrible. On one hand high rates mentioned by chief of the facility. Cleanliness and order on the territory. But how do they achieve such order and cleanliness, members saw with their eyes.

It was sad to look because you cannot make a person to respect Law with constant physical violence. These people after release all their anger and hatred will spread on civilians, work off their negative emotions on others.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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