Citizen of Republic of Kyrgyzstan is tortured in the penal colony № 5 of the Sverdlovsk region


Mobile human rights group — Public Monitoring Committee’s members Svetlana Malyugina, Larisa Zakharova and expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» Aleksey Sokolov and lawyer Vladimir Kapustin inspected the penal colony№ 5 in Nizhny Tagil as well as Investigative Committee.

Public Monitoring Committee’s members have conducted public inspections and Aleksey Sokolov have met with a convict-citizen of Republic of Kyrgyzstan — Zarylbek Egerberdiyev who need a legal help.

During a meeting convicts looked depressed and winced from unknown pain.

Aleksey Sokolov asked him to tell what had happened but he kept saying that everything was fine. Then expert asked him to undress. Egerberdiyev began taking clothes off but from somewhere appeared chief officer A. S. Berminov and prohibited convict to do it saying that Sokolov doesn’t have a right to ask such things. But Berminov didn’t mention what kind of rule or law regulate it.

???????????????????????Human rights defender stated that actions of officer are unlawful and asked to take cloths off but that officer threatened he would stop a meeting. Sokolov demanded a medical worker to be there and conduct a medical examination. Berminov replied he would bring him. After expert kept conversation with a Egeberdiyev but he refused to speak about what’s going on. He looked scared.

They had to expect a doctor for long time. The first who came into a room for a short meetings were members of Public Monitoring Committee — Svetlana Malyugina, Larisa Zakharova. At their request again a medical worker was called up — R. V. Platonova. She examined a convict Z. S. Egemberdiyev. but she refused to write down bodily injuries explaining that she didn’t have a log for records; she will remember everything.

At request of defenders to bring this log and write down all injuries, Platonova said that a convict doesn’t have any injuries, these are only bed sores. But according to Rules of internal conduct it’s not allowed to lie down by day, only at night.

Defenders took pictures of convict’s body. In the course of confidential conversation Egemberdiyev explained that he got bodily harm from beatings by jailers of the facility on 22.01.2015 when they took him out of his cell and beat him with legs, humiliated and cursed him. Convict didn’t want to call their last names because of revenge.

20150123_150936Public Monitoring Committee’s members have taken an explanation of Egemberdiyev where he mentioned he is scared a lot. Besides, he feels very bad, has dizziness, has in head area, legs and spine.

Lawyer Vladimir Kapustin in investigative department was meant to have a look at refusal of investigator Usatov upon facts of infliction of bodily injuries to a convict Sagatelyan in the penal colony № 5. This convict was enchained to grille in solitary for several days. Jailers did it because of all complaints a convict writes to defenders. As investigator said all materials of inspection were taken by Investigative Committee.

20150122_150907Defenders try to study all papers upon this refusal and challenge it.

The next day, on 23 January 2015, a human rights defender Aleksey Sokolov and lawyer Roman Kachanov visited a convict Zarulbek Egemberdiyev. Roman Kachanov met with a convict and took detailed explanation about beatings in order to make a claim into Investigative Committee and bring guilty officers to justice.

Administration of the facility obstructed a lawyer to do his job and banned use of camera during a meeting. They gave him only one hour of meeting not four as law allows.

Upon these facts we’ve filed complaints into law-enforcement bodies.

In addition, defenders sent a petition into Consulate General of Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Yekaterinburg to protect their citizen if laws don’t often operate here. The penal colony № 5 is well-known for sadistic methods of «rehabilitation» of inmates and Investigative Committee doesn’t see violations at all.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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