Mordovia: prosecutor office against investigative commitee


At the end of 2014 experts of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» and lawyers many times went into colonies of Mordovia in order to provide convicts with legal help. During these human rights trips there have been found facts of mass beatings of inmates by officers of penitentiary service of Republic of Mordovia.

Upon these facts human rights defenders have filed claims into Zubovo-Polyansky regional investigative department in Republic of Mordovia but investigators don’t want to admit legal components of a crime in actions of jailers who had beaten convicts in different colonies of Republic.

Human rights defenders and lawyers have visited Mordovia investigative department for studying materials of inspections upon those cases and further appealing in courts.

Court fights with officers of investigative department lawyers have stopped for a while because prosecutor office of Mordovia turned down all resolutions of prosecutors about refusals to initiate criminal proceedings due to the lack of inspection procedures.

письмо прокуратуры

Human rights defenders and lawyers hope that not only prosecutor office but also prosecutors will see unlawful and even criminal actions of jailers who beat inmates.

Human rights defenders of the Urals



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