Sexual abuse — norm in the penal colony № 47 in Kamensk-Uralsk

Хуже животных… Сексуальное насилие — норма в ИК-47 г.Каменск-Уральского

A former convict released from the penal colony № 47 on 31c December 2014 came over into the office of «Human rights defenders of the Urals». We are not going to say his name, but he will call him Anton.

We were shocked by what he said about the facility. Humiliations, beatings and tortures — are small part of whole horror that each inmate has been through. We’ve recently posted an article about tortures in there on our site «Human rights defenders of the Urals» but what he told us was beyond us.

During his tale about sadistic ways of «rehabilitation» of convicts, he especially highlight «work» of other inmates who illegally fulfill orders of administration which aimed at recession of complaints from inmates into law-enforcement bodies. These people are called «activists» from «section of discipline and order». This section was abolished by order of Ministry of Justice in 2009. But most of chiefs  of prisons don’t want to refuse from help of «convicts-activists» and give them all power to run a facility.

Anton went to, — «On 13 August 2014 after lockdown «convicts-activists» stepped into a cell of mine, grabbed me and took me into another one where they put me on a table. Having tied hands and legs, «activists» began tucking hands into my anus, I experienced enormous pain and sufferings; I was bleeding. They demanded to tell about what I knew about other correctional facilities. «Activists» collected information for administration. These tortures and humiliations were going on for several hours; I passed out from time to time. «Activists» were taping all tortures on camera. I woke up at a bath-house; they poured me with cold water washing dirt and blood away.»

фсин 001Also Anton said that in August 2014 he addressed to members of Public Monitoring Committee in the pretrial detention center-1 of Yekaterinburg and upon his complaints, petitions were sent to Investigative Committee, prosecutor office, Ombudsman and the Federal Service for Execution of punishment.

Response was received only from the Federal Service for Execution of punishment and regional investigative department. There it was said that his complaints had been sent into investigative department of Kamensk-Uralsk and into the Federal Service for Execution of punishment of Yekaterinburg. Nobody conducted medical examination on a fact of rape, on petition. State bodies did nothing and didn’t want to bring guilty people to responsibility.

Anton on human rights defenders’ advice went to hospital where he was diagnosed: » consolidated fracture of resurrection bone № 5. Pain syndrome». He didn’t have it before he got into the penal colony № 47.

After he left hospital, police officers called Anton and asked to come over for testimony upon facts of bodily injuries. Doctors work honestly — they always notify police department about new aggrieved.

Today a lawyer Roman Kachanov, expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» Aleksey Sokolov and Anton went into regional Investigative Committee. Having talked to investigator, human rights defenders have filed a complaint of omission of act of officers of Committee of Kamensk-Uralsk.

There are not so much information about rapes in the facilities of the Sverdlovsk region because few convicts don’t want to bring rapists to justice; they are scared. A person loses reason for being. Later, when he comes back into society, he can take out anger on weak civilians.

General Khudorozhkov, when are you going to stop such sadistic practice of «rehab» in the correctional facilities?

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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