Punishment is not supposed to humiliate or cripple

Наказание не должно унижать и калечить

Director of NGO «LEGAL BASIS», expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection» Aleksey Sokolov discussed issues of team work with a coordinator of the project «Protection from discrimination in prisons» -Olga Chmurova and a lawyer Irina Biryukova who provides people with legal help in the area of migration legal system.

This meeting took place at Moscow office of Committee «Civil assistance» which is located on Olimpyisky prospect, 22.

Human rights defenders have talked about rights protection of people who are currently serving sentence in the correctional facilities of Russian Federation. The common problem is torture thing, inhuman humiliations in there and it’s not a secret that human rights are not upheld at all. Sometimes, the only one way to protect convicts’ rights is through the representatives of human rights organizations. There are a lot of questions in the area of citizenship, because some prisoners don’t have documents and are not able to prove their Russian citizenship.

Встреча в ГС - копияRegional coordinator Olga Chmurova has shared her experience in the project where legal help is provided among convicts from Caucasian region. All the convicts as a rule serve sentences across Russia.

Olga involves lawyers into the project, works with members of regional Public Monitoring Committees who inspect convicts and provide them with legal help.

Aleksey Sokolov showed projects that  human rights defenders of the Urals have been working on for several years. All work is connected with inspections of colonies and legal protection for prisoners and their relatives. Judicial protection by members of  Public Monitoring Committee and human rights defenders. There are many positive decisions upon denial of access of defenders into colonies. Due to this fact, NGO «LEGAL BASIS» has addressed to independent expert under Ministry of Justice to conduct anti-corruptive inspection and preparation Conclusion on several provisions of Penal Code in particular, p.4. art. 89.

Irina Biryukova has shared important documents in citizenship and extradition.

In the end of a meeting human rights defenders have exchanged contacts and decided to solve problems together in the area of human rights protection of people in the correctional facilities.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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