Another fact of law violation by correctional facility № 19

Суд установил: ИК-19 г. Тавда продолжает нарушать право на защиту

Today, on 12 February 2015 at Verkh-Isetsky regional courthouse of Yekaterinburg human rights defenders had to teach officers of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment of the Sverdlovsk region and the penal colony № 19 (Tavda) to provide convicts with a right to legal help from defenders.

But there’s no denying that there is some progress. Anyway, the representatives of the penal colony № 19 said before that defender of a convict Svetlana Malyugina had to prove that she needed a meeting with her convict exactly for legal help and not for other purposes, now after two lost cases officers don’t do it.

This time a case was about denial of access by chief assistant of the facility Sergey Zavadsky for Svetlana Malyugina to her client Finogenov on 3 October 2014. In his resolution Zavadsky he referred rejection to Law «On attorney activity» as well as absence of Finogenov’s statement.

Again bad shot… Because they shouldn’t have make something up but observed Law and that’s it. Nothing more!

Of course, such «reasons» for denial are unlawful. First of all, Law «On attorney activity» extends to attorneys only, secondly, back in 2007 rule about statements from convicts were cancelled  but for some reasons administration of the correctional facilities keep using it.

As a result, court has satisfied claim of a convict — he declared actions of the penal colony № 19 upon denial of access on 3 October 2014 to Svetlana Malyuginato be unlawful.

The worst thing is constantly a representative of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment showed up in the court and held the same opinion which has been many times rejected by courts. But exactly the Federal Service must correct their officers working in the correctional facilities.

Practically court declares actions to be illegal but the Federal Service does nothing in order to change situation. Maybe this is a «job» of «good manager» Sergey Khudorozhkov to gain court cases against his officers? More and more. If it’s so, just tell us, we still don’t know…

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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