Human righst defenders and lawyers have addressed a joint letter in order to protect a beaten convict. Video

Правозащитники и адвокаты Свердловской области направили коллективное обращение в защиту избитого заключенного

Some human rights organizations of the Sverdlovsk region, members of Public Monitoring Committee and lawyers have addressed a joint letter to the Chief of Investigative Committee of Russian Federation — Valery Zadorin and to Director of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment — Aleksandr Kornienko. There human rights society of the Sverdlovsk region asks to take inspections upon facts of bodily harm to convict Z.S. Egemberdiyev under their personal control, to provide him with personal security and conduct inspection upon denial to initiate criminal proceedings against officers of the penal colony № 5 who had inflicted bodily injuries towards convict as well as to check circumstances which allowed to hide video tapes from the solitary of the facility.

???????????????????????On 22 January 2015 members of Public Monitoring Committee Larisa Zakharova, Svetlana Malyugina and Director of NGO «LEGAL BASIS» Aleksey Sokolov found citizen of Kirgizstan — Z.S.Egemberdiyev who had bodily injuries at the penal colony № 5. According to convict, it was officers of the facility who did it, among them chief deputy M.M. Nurmagomedov. Beatings took place in the premises of solitaries where video cameras are set. Medical worker on duty -R.V. Platonova has refused to register injuries and numerous bruises and red spots in log.

Based on this fact, statements have been filed into Investigative Committee in the Sverdlovsk region, Prosecutor office and the Federal Service for Execution of punishment, investigative department of Tagilstroyevskiy area (29.01.15).

On 23 January 2015 convict Z.S. Egemberdiyev was visited by lawyer Roman Kachanov who questioned him and after this meeting Roman sent a statement into Investigative Committee in the Sverdlovsk region under art.144-145 of Criminal procedure Code.

On 31 January 2105 convict Z.S. Egemberdiyev launched a hunger strike and due to this fact he filed a statement to the Chief of the penal colony № 5 about it. This measure was desperate because he began getting threatening from jailers in particular from Putilov and Major M. Vladimirovich.

Гражданина Киргизии пытают в ИК-5 ГУФСИН России по Свердловской области

On 3 February 2015 convict Z.S. Egemberdiyev was questioned by officer from Prosecutor office — Zakirov. After this visit chief deputy came up to him and insulted for his conversation with Zakirov.

The same day chief deputy called Egemberdiyev and ordered to write statement about personal meeting with him. He refused to do it.Then began offering money for refusal from complaint.

On 5 February 2105 Egemberdiyev wrote a complaint to chief of the colony Laptev and chief assistant of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment Gubankov that he had been beaten by officers with chief deputy Nurmagomedov. In his complaint convict added that convicts hadn’t beaten him.

Due to health deterioration, Egemberdiyev had X-ray of his leg done.

Also forensic psychiatrist has visited him, conducted examination and heard his complaints about health.

IMG_6871Convict Egemberdiyev gave explanations to prosecutor Sergey Melkozerov as a part of inspections of complaints filed by members of Public Monitoring Committee and lawyer R. Kachanov.

According to lawyer who visited convict on 9 February 2015, it turned out that in the premises of solitaries where convict had been beaten video camera was removed. There were traces from it. Lawyer has filed an appeal into Investigative Committee about inspections upon this information.

On 9 February 2015 convict was detained into solitary for 15 days.

Human rights defenders have information that he is being threatened by officers and they put pressure on him in order to make him turn down his complaints. Threatening comes from jailers as well as duty staff — Anton Pavlovich. Because of that convict refused from walks; he is afraid to leave his cell.

Criminal proceedings haven’t been initiated yet, term of preinvestigative checks were extended for one month more. Time is getting on and Chief of the penal colony № 5 hasn’t found guilty ones, although he said to lawyer that he had video tape and either convict  will be punished for false denunciation or officers who exceeded their authorities. But in fact administration of the facility sent response that tape from 22.01.15 automatically was erased.

IMG_6872Thus, Chief Yu.L. Laptev shows neglect in evidence provision. Lawyers (F. Akchermushev and R. Kachanov) and members of Committee (S. Malyugina and L.Zakahrova) complain into Prosecutor office and Investigative Committee showing explanations from Egemberdiyev, photo and video of bodily injuries when officers of the facility say to chief of investigative department that they hadn’t beaten convict; they promised to write statement to bring him to responsibility under art.306 without any evidence.

Also chief deputy M. Nurmagamedov using his power, threatens convict in order to avoid responsibility.

Human rights defenders have all ground to suppose that administration of the facility intentionally hide video tape from 22.01.15.

Convict Egemberdieyev feel bad, it’s difficult to move for him.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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