February, short month…

Мордовия: вруны в погонах

On 2, 9, 12 and 17 February 2015 I had trips to Zubovo-Polyansky region of Mordovia Republic.

Reason was meetings with convicts for legal help. Also I spent two days to get certificate of marriage at convict’s B. request; this request who is serving his sentence at the penal colony № 5 in Mordovia. But this convicts didn’t get this certificate. What was the reason: problem with post service or something else, it’s not clear yet.

I spent three days at the Zubovo-Polyansky regional court to study materials of case where I represent convicts. I still remember 29 December 2014 when I was poured with information upon case in the course of Zubovo-Polyansky regional court. In the case upon appeal from convict A. about defense of labour rights there are four books filled with papers. Court hearing was held at since 10 am till 8 pm. I’d like to mention good conduct of the case of judge N. V. Kosareva. Appeal was satisfied partially. In order to prepare appeal it needed examination of documents including decision of expert about samples of handwriting of convict.

Besides, I studied materials of case upon appeal from warden of the penal colony № 5 in Republic Mordovia about changing prison regime for convict Akh. Also, due to my representation and defense of convicts’ rights I understand desire of lawyers to monopolize a right to representations at courts. No lawyer will spend his time for trips into colonies, meetings with inmates when he understands that claims against State don’t have chances. If lawyer is appointed, I see him at work.

During February I managed to meet with convicts of two colonies: № 47 (Sosnovka) and curative and preventive health care institution № 21 (Baryshevo). I conducted 9 meetings with inmates. All the meetings were held under conditions which meet requirements of art.89, p.4 of Penal Code.

Issues of inmates are medicine, labour, detainment conditions.

I sent complaints. Already I received one response from the Federal Service for Execution of punishment about convict Kh. Convict thinks that he has tuberculosis. In response there is a document about tests and statement that he is healthy. What next? To wait for open form of disease? I asked to prepare powers of attorney in order to represent him.

Sergey Maryin,

expert of «For convicts’ rights», member of Public Monitoring Committee of Republic of Mordovia.


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