Court shut down «torture chamber»

В Свердловской области суд закрыл пыточное ЕПКТ

There were special cells at the penal colony № 63 (which is meant for strict conditions) where the worst offenders are transferred from different facilities from all the region in order to «re-educate» them.

«Convicts-activists» were dealing with «re-education» who executed orders of administration of the penal colony № 63.

Among convicts and defenders those special cells are considered to be «torture chamber». Many time inmates told defenders about torture conditions in there. Once convict who used to be «activist» told in details on camera about tortures and sexual violence towards new inmates.

On 6 August 2014 members of Public Monitoring Committee Larisa Zakharova, Olga Dianova and Svetlana Malyugina launched a hunger strike protesting against torture conditions in the facility in front of the building of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment. It lasted 9 days.

On 13 August 2014 committee from Ombudsman’s office flied to Yekaterinburg. They together with members of Public Committee visited the penal colony and confirmed information partially.

Over time Ivdel prosecutor office found that penal provisions had been violated concerning special cells and filed a lawsuit in order to correct this.

On 25 February 2015 by decision of Ivdel town court demands of prosecutor office were satisfied.

Now authorities of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment are looking for variants to put inmates from special cells into other facilities of region.

Human rights defenders signed with relief because «torture chamber» went out of «business».

There is kind of danger left that «torture chamber» might appear at any colony of the Sverdlovsk region. But it depends on will of Prison Chief — General Khudorozhkov.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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