Public Monitoring Committee. Ivdel police


Members of Public Monitoring Committee of the Sverdklovsk region are constant guests in Ivdel. As a rule, they inspect the correctional facilities which are located around… Vasily Rybakov and I have decided to change situation with public control, in other words lack of it. On 2 March 2015 we have spent there more than 6 hours and after decided to visit police department either.

The only one record about members of Public Monitoring Committee’s visit was made in April of 2012. That time colleagues left some comments that there were no bedclothes; no arrangements of feeding; no disposable cutlery…

At the moment of our inspection there is disposable cutlery, bedclothes and food and all necessary records are there.

Our remarks reflected current situation in the facility:

1) there is no a room for facts-finding for arrest;

2) there almost no custody suites. In rooms there is only division for two cages which are used as cells with bench. This bench cannot be used for sleep because of its small size.

3) there is no chance to check information stand;

4) first aid box doesn’t meet demands of Order of Ministry of Internal Affairs № 389. According to officers of «Ivdelsky» there is a request for repairs № 223 sent to Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Sverdlovsk region. Price is  2 000 000 rubles. Officers don´t know whether repairs will be in 2015 or not…

That’s why we have also left a comment in log about destiny of future repairs..

Aleksandr Anikin,

members of Public Monitoring Committee of the Sverdlovsk region


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