Administration of «Vladimirsky central» responded for its violations


Administration of «Vladimirsky central» when rejected defenders and representatives of convict P. in meetings in order to provide him with legal help probably thought that chiefs «have and keep it all».

They were so mistaken…Human rights defenders of the Urals reveal in trials all the violations and «orders» in the penitentiary facility; defenders got used to do it with correctional facilities of the Sverdlovsk region.

Thus, human rights defenders Aleksey Sokolov, representative of convict P. with power of attorney has addressed to Leninsky regional courthouse of Yekaterinburg with a statement to declare actions of administration of the prison-2 to be unlawful in denial of access for him and not giving reasons of denial.

And here on 4 March 2015 court hearing presided by judge O.M. Vasilkova has satisfied demands of defender.

Now we hope that jailers from Vladimir will be smarter.

Court decision (hasn’t come into effect yet):



Human rights defenders of the Urals


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