When will they cool off?


In the end of March 12015 noncommercial partnership «Assistance in legal help for citizens «LEGAL BASIS» received request from prosecutor office of the Kirovskiy region of Yekaterinburg. This request contains a demand to show documents and materials connected with our organization since 2013 about conducted events, meetings and released publications.

Also, prosecutor office demands to show all the financial documents about money received since 2013 till now including foreign sources.

Прокуратура март 2015 001Somebody might say and what’s so special about it? It’s regular check of noncommercial organization by state bodies.

But for some reasons this «regular» inspection is held every month.

In February 2015 defenders got another request from prosecutor office to bring all the charter documents and written explanation about source of money.

Прокуратура февраль 2015 001Having gathered all necessary documents, representatives of organization took two boxes with documents to the Kirovskaya prosecutor office.

Earlier in September 2014 the Kirovskaya prosecutor office demanded to bring all the charter and financial documents.

Also in 2014 noncommercial partnership «LEGAL BASIS» was inspected by Directorate of Ministry of Justice of the Sverdlovsk region and before that the Sverdlovsk regional prosecutor office hadn’t found any violations connected with finance activity of the organization. Besides, it was stated that the organization hadn’t been «a foreign agent».

прокуратура Кировского р-на 0012015 came and prosecutor office has demanded for two months the same papers. It just cannot calm down.

Representatives of human rights organization cannot understand that officers of prosecutor office have dealt for more than year with our organization.

It appears that some authorities don’t like an activity of human rights defenders and their publications on the site «Human rights defenders of the Urals» and they try to take measures to shut down site and organization. Or at least to call them «foreign agents».

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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