Postcards are outside the law!!!


Officers of the pretrial detention center-1 of Yekaterinburg established a new rule there; they forbade convicts to get postcards and photos.

Friends and colleagues of «famous» prisoner: Eugenie Malenkin sent to him postcards with signs: «Happy Birthday».

Sometime after that this mail came back to a sender with a return reason:

«Unallowed attachment «.

Perhaps officers of the pretrial detention center-1 decided to influence mental condition of Malenkin.

Let’s remind that the Federal Law № 103-FZ «On detainment in custody of suspected and accused» and Ruled of internal conduct for isolators in the penitentiary system doesn’t say about prohibition on getting postcards and photos.

Due to unlawful actions of officers of the facility human rights defenders have addressed to the Sverdlovsk prosecutor office to stop it and bring guilty people to responsibility.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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