the Federal Service for Execution of punishment was caught lying


Federal Service for Execution of punishment of the Sverdlovsk region was caught lying during trial where the statement of a member of Public Monitoring Committee: of Larisa Zakharova was studying. The statement was to declare decision of the Federal Service to block cellphone of Larisa Zakharova to be illegal.

Let’s remind that on 23 July 2014 by order of one of the deputies of General Khudorozhkov a letter was sent to the carrier MTS with request to block sim-card which belongs to Zakharova. Carrier has blocked it for a month.

Larisa Zakharova didn’t agree with such an insolent order, she went to court to challenge it.

On 25 February 2015 judge A. Reutova satisfied a statement of L. Zakharova and declared decision of the Federal Service to block cellphone of Larisa Zakharova to be illegal.

In the course of trials some interesting facts popped up: to justify a fact of blockage of sim-card jailers showed report of an officer of the Federal Service where he said that at the pretrial detention center-1 there are arrested people using phone number of Zakharova in order to threaten witnesses. But instead of setting wiretaps and find those people, officers just block cellphone.

Then according to the Federal Service, members of Committee came by the territory of the pretrial detention center-1 and passed convicts her sim-card, they used it and she took it back. However, at the trial it was stated that calls from this number didn’t come out those dates mentioned by officers.

Also another moment remained unclear: officers demanded from MTS carrier information how many sim-cards had been registered for Larisa Zakharova.

Human rights defenders again proved that there are still incompetent officers whom we may call «liars».

We are posting this decision. But this decision hasn’t come into effect yet.

решение по телефону 1 001

решение по телефону 2 001

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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