Beaten faces, broken furniture — result of «searches» at the Perm hospital. Video

Разбитые лица, переломанная мебель — итог обысковых мероприятий в Пермской больнице для осужденных. Видео

On 7 April 2015 at 9 am doctors working at the tuberculosis hospital of the penal colony-7 in the Perm area were asked to leave workplaces by officers of secure department. It was done on the ground of scheduled «searches».

According to inmates, officers from security department of the penal colony-7,13 participated in searches. When doctors left workplaces, officers made inmates leave wards and go to canteen. They left only one convict at the each cell.

In general about 70 officers took part in there from the penal colonies-8, 13 and 7. Then searches began. In my opinion, aim was to provoke inmates into rebels because personal stuff, medicine, foodstuff were broken, spoiled etc.

Обыск в тюремной больницеIt seems that officers ruin and spoil stuff of convicts intentionally. If left inmate said something to them about illegality of their acts, officers applied physical force against inmates. They began beating and kicking in important parts of human body.

The most active were major Ruchkov, major Govorukhin, warrant officer Kozlov. Also, chief of the penal colony-7 was there. Convicts say that it was him who initiated application of special means by officers.

When convict fell down, officers moved him to the check-point of the facility. 7 inmates were beaten and moved there. When they happened to be in the corridor among cells, officers kept beating them.

Officers of security department demanded from convicts to undress, when they refused it or any other demands, officers got new reason to beat them. They were beating till blood showed up. Then officers moved inmates into different cells and locked; they didn’t call medical workers and ignored requests from beaten people to conduct medical examination.

Somehow law-enforcement bodies found out about incident and at 4 pm prosecutor and his assistant began meeting with beaten inmates. They wrote complaints about what happened. Before arrival of prosecutor, they had stayed beaten in the cells without any medical treatment. Six convicts cut their neck protesting against abuse of power. Only after that officers stopped beatings.

In general, convicts have spent about an hour in the cells. After meeting with prosecutor all the convicts were examined by doctors. All honor to prosecutors who reacted quickly and on 8 April 2015 criminal experts came over for recording injuries and officers of Investigative Committee for receiving complaints in written form.

 Mariya Andreeyva, expert of Fund «For convicts’ rights protection»


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