2-years monitoring of Ivdel colonies

Двухлетний мониторинг Ивдельских колоний

Penitentiaries of IvdelLAG: the penal colony-55, the penal colony-56 (life imprisonment), correctional medical facility-58, the penal colony-62 (minimum security), the penal colony-63 (special treatment) in the Sverdlovsk region are considered to be «torture chambers» among human rights defenders.

Members of Public Monitoring Committee, defenders and lawyers have monitored these facility especially concerning law-observance in human rights. Members of Committee have conducted inspections of the facilities of Ivdel, defenders and lawyers have carried out legal consultations.

Правозащитный десант в Ивдельских колониях. В ИК-63 опять травмированный заключенный.

Thus, since January 2013 they made 58 human rights trips, more than 80% were 2,3-days trips.

After each human rights trip upon found violations 74 complaints were filed into Prosecutor office of the Sverdlovsk region.

Only 14 were satisfied, 7 complaints were partly satisfied. 32 claims were dismissed because in the course of prosecutor inspections they were proved wrong. About 21 complaint applicants didn’t get response.

Upon some claims concerning living conditions and rights’ violations, prosecutors drew up remedial action order.

Температура -33. Работаем.
Temperature — 33. We are working

Defenders pointed out essential problem found in the course of public inspections and meetings with inmates: inappropriate detainment conditions, denial of access for human rights defenders for legal help, physical and psychological abuse.

After a hunger strike of members of Committee Prosecutor office in March 2015 through courts to shut down ward-types rooms in the penal colony-63 where the most complaints on tortures came from.

During monitoring of these facilities at three colonies heads were dismissed; in the penal colony-55 as a head already two people have been: Kalinin and Masharov. In the penal colony-63; the most cruel place, warden Lopatkin is on sick leave. They say Lopatkin is not coming back.

20140710_161523Head of the penal colony-62 Aleksandr Gusev lost lots of trials against defenders whom he hadn’t allow to meet with convicts; upon two denials of access the Federal Service for Executions of punishment guided by Khudorozhkov was declared to be inactive body. In May 2013 Gusev was caught on bribery and senteced to 11 years of imprisonment and fine in the amount of 24 million rubles.

In the penal colony-56 two convicts filed a claim against administration of the facility and challenged a fact of being put in the preventive list. In their opinion, they were put in the list because officers didn’t like them. The third convict has been trying to get amnesty since 2000. One court hearing was won, another one was not, but work is going on.

DSC_4394We would like to say about this colony guided by Dadashov where tortures and beatings are not exercised, officers are law-abiding workers.

Nevertheless, in general situation in Ivdel colonies, in particular in the penal colony-63 remain tensed. Human rights trips are going on.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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