the Supreme Court responded to the request of human righst defenders

На просьбу правозащитников отреагировал Верховный Суд РФ

 and Ombudsman’s office sent run-around reply.

Representatives of non-commercial organizations of the Russian Federation de-jure have a right to meet with convicts in penitentiaries in order to provide them with legal help.

De-facto human rights defenders cannot exercise this right because administration doesn’t let every time a meeting with inmates and this way it obstructs representatives of non-commercial organizations to do their job.

Court practice is not the same everywhere. In different areas of country decision of court might be different in the same cases.

By request of defenders, independent expert Irina Biruykova prepared Conclusion.

This conclusion together with petition from human rights organizations were sent to Federal Bodies and other organizations of the Russian Federation with request to put forward this issue for discussion aimed at making amendments in the Correctional Code.

the Supreme Court responded to petitions from defenders and informed that all materials provided by defenders would be considered as a part of preparation for the project «On law providing a convict with a right to protection».

Ответ по экспертизе

However, response from Ombudsman’s office surprised defenders signed by head of human rights department V. Nemchenkov with Order of the Federal Service from 26. 11.2012. Reference to this Order shows complete incomprehension of procedures of provision of free legal help.

Ответ Немченковаответ УПЧ, стр.2

Defenders said about denial of access for representatives of human rights organizations in their petition. They referred to various contradictory norms of law about correctional facilities. Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova paid attention to it either.

Instead of that, head of department V.Nemchenkov in his two-pages response referred it to the same contradictory legal norms and in fact confirmed that Ombudsman’s office is powerless.

Here is opinion of Ombudsman’s office in details and we consider it to be incorrect.

Human rights defenders of the Urals






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