General Khudorozhkov takes a book away from a convict

Генерал Худорожков забрал у осужденного книгу

Chief of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment in the Sverdlovsk region Sergey Khudorozhkov saw in the solitaries of the penal colony-26 that a convict was writing an appeal and probably did not like it.

Chief looked through a book which convict used for this appeal and ordered to take the book away from him.

As convict said, when Sergey Khudorozhkov entered the cell accompanied by authorities of the penal colony-26, he noticed the book called «Handbook for convicts and their relatives» written by A.V. Babushkin, A.V. Myagkov; Chief said to him that this book is forbidden because it had been written by human rights defenders.

Jailers immediately fulfilled an order and the book was taken away; no papers were drawn about withdrawal.

By the Correctional Code of the Russian Federation and Rules of Internal Conduct convicts are allowed to have legal books.

Изъятая книга 001There is one restriction in Rules of Internal Conduct where convicts are not permitted to take with them into solitaries: foodstuff and their belongings except towel, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, magazines and newspapers, religious literature.

However, convicts in solitaries may use a prison library but there is not legal literature according to convict.

Due to this fact there is a loophole in laws where to use religious literature is allowed in solitaries but legal books are not. Mainly in correctional facilities wardens turn a blind eye to that and they let convict take legal books.

Should be noted that convict has used the book of Babushkin during the term for serving punishment and this book was not taken away from him.

So it goes this way: convict is in his cell reading the book and writing an appeal but suddenly Chief of the Federal Service shows up and takes his book.

Perhaps, work of Khudorozhkov involves stealing books from inmates?

Upon this fact, defenders have filed complaints.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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