Difficult situation at the facilities of the Chelyabinsk region


For several days it has been tough situation at the colonies of the Chelyabinsk region. According to convicts’ relatives, at the penal colony-1 of Kopeysk 7 convicts cut their veins, 4 of them were beaten by jailers. Besides, there is some information that at the penal colony-11 special forces of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment were there also. We are afraid of provocations towards convicts and human rights defenders; new criminal cases about mass riots. We will connect them with officers from the Federal Service.

As we know, at the penal colony-11convicts: Maksimov, Platiko have been beaten. They are being threatened by criminal case initiation on riots if another one doesn’t go to the prison mental institution.

According to inmates, initiator was new operative officer arrived from the Sverdlovsk region: Sarkashev. Apparently, he considers himself the smartest one. We remind him and all the rest that at the moment two criminal cases have been initiated under article 286 of the Correctional Code against officers from the pretrial detention center-1 of Chelyabinsk who instigated riots in December 2014 and by the way, yesterday Chelyabinsk regional court upheld a decision to execute a sentence of former warden of the penal colony-6 of Kopeysk. Want to get it too?

Oksana Trufanova, member of Public Monitoring Committee


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