the penal colony-1 of Kopeysk: mass bodily injuries in order to stop tortures


Last week human rights defenders of Chelyabinsk received appeals from convicts’ relatives and lawyers from the penal colonies-1, 11 of Kopeysk and the penal colony-2 of Chelyabinsk about physical abuse, unlawful corrective actions by officers.

On 27 April 2015 members of Public Monitoring Committee of the Chelyabinsk region: I, Oksana Trufanova and Tatyana Lots visited the penal colony-1 of Kopeysk. We found the following facts:

1) at solitaries there were three convicts with obvious bodily injuries: cut hands. One of them-convict S. had deep marks of handcuffs. Convict B. had on the left hand deep cuts and hematomas which almost came off on the back.

One more had deep marks of cuts on the right hand. One of the cuts rankles. According to inmates, medical treatment is not provided at all; at the best case inmates are given iodine. Convict K. was sent to medical unit accompanied by physicial Zheludkov.

The picture captures cuts of convict K.



2) in the solitaries-26, 27 there are convicts K. and S., their height is more than 1,90 m. when their beds are 1,60 m. lengthways. How do they sleep? Besides, convicts of these cells and others: 28, 6, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 15 cannot come up to a window; it is isolated additional grille from ceiling to floor that’s why they are not able to open it by themselves. Also the window is three meters far away from the table, what makes impossible to reach it.

Picture captures the cell-6: member of Public Monitoring Committee of the Chelyabinsk region Tatyana Lots; her height is 162 centimeters.


3) convicts of solitaries — L. (cell-9), A. (cell-15) complained about absence of linen. During the inspection of premises, we noticed that somewhere there were no sheets, blankets and pillow-case.

Besides, there was total mess, literally stuff lying around on the floor with rats… There it’s complete insanitariness.


4) Most of convicts at solitaries complain about constant searches. According to them, officers go crazy at 9 am. «They took us out of the cells. What are they looking for? Officers might apply physical force if you try to argue.»

Words of inmates are proved by behavior of solitary inspector A.A. Dumanov who provoked members; he refused to say his name even when he was taping work of defenders with dash-cameras. Defenders saw the same type of behavior from officer Popov.

5) Some convicts mention that physical force is applied only in the presence of warden of the facility Titov or even by himself… Defenders could not find beaten before convict Konoplev transferred from the facility to the pretrial detention center-7 in Chelyabinsk…

Three more inmates also were not found by defenders; they had complained about beatings.

They say they had been transferred to the pretrial detention center-4 in Zlatoust and the pretrial detention center-2 in Magnitogorsk. Apparently, to keep them from us. In opinion of convicts, administration promised them to organize tortures in «the best» torture chambers of Krasnoyarsk and Bashkiria…

Marks of handcuffs on convict S.




In general, there is «unhealthy» atmosphere: officers are  very nervous. One officer were cursing so hard without any shame; another one kicking phone. We were watching this scene while were waiting to get permission to leave the facility due to alarm which went off.

Of course, we will file a claim based on results of inspection, however there is just slight ray of hope that state bodies will take measures.

According to chief deputy of the Federal Service in the Chelyabinsk region D.V. Khromov, those claims and complaints will be dropped to them and they will make run- round replies…

Special concerns are about visits of officers into local Federal Service from the Sverdlovsk region where as it’s obvious, there is a complete breakdown of law and order by sadists in uniforms.

It’s obvious that officers love provoking convicts and fake criminal cases under «fashionable» 212 article of the Code ( mass riots).

Oksana Trufanova, member of Public Monitoring Committee of the Chelyabinsk region


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