After fire at the penal colony-2 Prosecutor office agreed with defenders


In March 2015 before fire at the penal colony-2 me and member of Public Monitoring Committee Dmitry Kalinin conducted inspection at this facility; we saw that there were smoke detectors at 4 squads.

Then representatives of administration said that there was fire risk. In several days it happened.

Later we inspected the facility. We paid attention to industry premises, because fire began there. Again no smoke detectors in those squads.

Dangerous situation is still there. Defenders warn Prosecutor office and the Federal Service for Execution of punishment but if situation changed, it is matter of time.

скан ответа прокуратуры по ИК-2 001

Larisa Zakharova, lawyer of Association «Legal Basis»,

member of Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Commitee


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